(Global Data Protection Regulations)

What is GDPR?

 The General Data Protection Regulation is an EU-wide law that comes into force on the 25th May 2018. The regulation will affect every organisation that handles the personal data of EU citizens (and it will still apply after Brexit!) Essentially, the rules about how you can handle people’s data are changing and a new set of individuals’ rights has been established. The laws are complex (there are 99 articles in the legislation) but compliance needn’t be – if you let us handle things.

GDPR Training Programs

The awareness course takes one hour. Choose between:
  • Online video.
  • Webinar (recorded or live)
  • Face-to-face seminar/briefing.
  • The learning points of this short overview of GDPR are the focus on privacy, differences to the Data Protection Act / Data Protection Bill / EU (Withdrawal) Bill, and an understanding of when it is lawful to process personal information, what a privacy notice is all about, and what the rights of affected individuals are.
This course can be tailored for the particular audience, be they board members, executives, general staff. Similarly, we can tailor the course to suit particular business functions or a particular industry.
This is a full day course and workshop. The learning objectives are:
  • Contextual understanding about the focus on privacy.
  • Differences vis-à-vis the emphasis around data protection and security interpreted by the Data Protection Act.
  • Introduction to the Data Protection Bill and EU (Withdrawal) Bill.
  • Legal bases for processing personal information.
  • Consequences of not being able to demonstrate compliance.
  • Importance of determining your purposes of processing.
  • How to write a privacy notice.
  • When to designate a DPO.
  • What to do if an individual exercises one of their many rights.
  • Elements to remember when it comes to a data breach.

This training is available as a one day course or as the first day of a longer course that includes one or more of the levels below. It is an ideal introduction to all staff members who process personal information or are involved in decision-making.

A full day course and workshop. The learning objectives of this training are:
  • Usage of fundamental tools, templates and guidelines needed to implement GDPR compliance.
  • Working through exercises and discussing real-life examples.
  • Conducting readiness audits.
  • Recording processing activities.
  • Writing notices.
  • Conducting impact assessments.
  • Drafting workflows pertaining to the rights of individuals.

This training is available as a one-day course, or the second day of a longer course that includes the Foundation course above and one or more of the levels below. It is the ideal practical training for a GDPR project team, members such as BAs and PMs, as well as managers and compliance personnel.

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